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Our Mission is to support our group
with social and educational topics...

Our main purpose is to be a place where our bird community can go to share their love of parrots, learn how to feed their parrots the best diets, tips and tricks for living with their pets comfortably and much more. By exposure and education about parrots in a supportive social group, we hope to persuade new parrot owners to adopt rather than shop for a parrot.

Come join our parrot social group to have the most fun with your parrot!

We have hosted summer BBQs with parrots and guests - a very popular event in Nanaimo. We use events like BBQs for  fun silent auctions of donated items for our medical expenses fund for our foster parrots. This year it will be July 21, 2018

Our meetings and other events are meant to be fun while informative. The range of parrot species at any meeting will delight and educate potential adopters of what parrot may fit their lifestyle the best.

We have volunteers who can call you back if you are wondering if a parrot is the right pet for you...We will be frank about which birds suit which lifestyle, age and owner personality. Many of 

our group will tell you that their pet 

parrot "picked them"!

We can do so much with your donation - help a parrot today!

All funds donated, support parrots. Our members volunteer their time, space, care, transportation and so much more.

" We support parrots and their people"

Welcome to Feathers in BC!

A volunteer and social group dedicated to supporting parrots and their people.

Vinney Citron Cockatoo
oscar and sophie_edited
Freddie lovebird
Gabby moluccan
gabby gray rs
Lovebirds RaeRae and BeBe
gus gray rs
Ginger Umbrella Cockatoo
Cha Cha Blue Front Amazon
Hank and Frances
Dhillon and Molly
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