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We support parrots and their people-- "Don't Shop -  Adopt"

The beauty of the F.E.A.T.H.E.R.S. is support. Through education, connection, coaching we help new and old parrot owners through the relationship bonds that are part of the parrot experience.  We encourage   continuous learning, with regular meetings.  This venue is fun, social and a time to talk parrots, because we understand the need to connect, so you do not feel isolated when living with your parrot.  Our goal is to have enough people to support the parrots that live here.  Of course, we all know parrots are long lived that is why we encourage “Don’t Shop Adopt”.  Many of will not out live our parrots, thus we are often supporting parrot owners, by matching and selecting the next home for their beloved babies. Parrots often need four good homes in their lifetime.  Sometimes, life happens, and parrots are homeless. Sometimes is is a true rescue intervention.

Parrots are resilient and can move to a new home easier than we think.  However having a parrot, is a lifestyle decision, that is built on commitment and trust.  Often the parrot picks you, we like to meet you, and meet our parrots.  Everyone is welcome to the F.E.A.T.H.E.R.S. circle of support.


If you have it in your heart to have a parrot, are willing to work with us, please reach out to us!

Our group supports parrot adoption and raises money to cover expenses related to our foster parrot veterinarian costs...

Ready to Adopt

  • researched the species

  • talked to people who have a parrot

  • everyone in the household is on board

  • rent/ strata - get permission 

  • have space for the cage

  • went to club meeting

  • went to foster home to meet parrots

  • visited the potential parrot

  • have resources to feed and care for parrot

  • willingness to learn from parrot coach 

  • Questions? Msg us on Facebook!

 Yes, I'm Ready...

But you like to take a holiday once a year​ or sometimes travel with business? No worries . We have the solution for you for holidays, business or illness!


Too Crazy Birdy Hotel opened its  doors 7 years ago to provide a safe secure home for your parrots, so you could travel, renovate your home, or recuperating from a short illness, etc.

Go away with peace of mind  and enjoy our economical boarding rates - now in three locations on the Island. Click below for more info....

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