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The importance of carbohydrates for parrots

Carbohydrates are important for your bird as they break down into simple sugars. The bodies use these as an energy source. Carbohydrates that are known as insoluble and indigestible are known as fibre. Fibre is rich with Cellulose. Cellulose helps the digestive system. Fibre is most obtained by plant sources. Sources of fibre are in wheat, Brown rice, grains, squash, Quinoa, legumes, fresh Fruit and Vegetables. These all provide natural sugars. The only sugars a bird should have natural sugars consumed in their raw whole form. Variation in the diet helps to keep the nutrition of the diet balanced and excessive in some areas.

Proteins and your Parrot

Proteins are responsible for a big part of the body’s structural and chemical reactions involved in the metabolism to keep the body functioning at full capacity. A variety of protein sources are the best to keep your bird healthy.

Enzymes are proteins that start and maintain the chemical reaction throughout the body. The 2 types of enzymes are metabolic and digestive. Metabolic enzymes are found in the blood , organs and tissues. They are critical for the maintenance of normal body functions. Digestive enzymes are secreted by the pancreas and are needed for the break down of food. They help with absorption of nutrients.

Raw whole foods are usually rich with the

important enzymes. Heating foods destroys the enzymes when heated over 110 F.

Sprouts are one of the richest sources of enzymes such as Garbanzo, Alfalfa, Millet, Sesame, Sunflower, Quinoa, Natural Peanut butter, Pumpkin seeds, Almonds, Chicken and turkey breast, Eggs and Lactose free Greek Yogurt. Sprouted or soaked seeds are also a source of Protein.


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